For more than a century, Jones Obenchain’s attorneys have served Indiana and Michigan businesses, individuals, and families with one guiding principle: our work must give our clients enduring value.

Enduring value is more than just credentials, experience, and knowledge. It demonstrates an understanding of the client; it is innovative; and it is presented clearly.

To give our clients value that endures, we must understand our clients’ unique legal needs. So our 11 attorneys start by listening to our clients. We ask questions to determine what legal services are truly necessary and limit our representation accordingly. We work to fashion legal plans that emphasize affordability without sacrificing effectiveness. And we consult with our clients along the way to make sure we continue to use efficient and effective legal strategies addressing our clients’ specific needs.

The most valuable legal solutions also require creative and innovative thinking. While the legal field has resisted change, Jones Obenchain believes the practice of law should change to meet our clients’ changing needs. So our lawyers willingly discuss alternative billing arrangements. We embrace technology. And we consider non-traditional solutions that encourage our clients to get back to business—or the business of their lives.

Finally, effective legal practice requires more than just legal knowledge, skill, and experience. Our attorneys have those traits. But if we can’t communicate what we know—if our clients can’t understand us—how useful will our knowledge, skill, and experience be? So that our lawyers are most effective, we emphasize writing in clear English and using available technology to communicate in a straight-forward manner with you, other attorneys, and judges.

Excellent legal work—work that offers enduring value to clients—starts with communication. Excellent lawyers understand their clients. And their clients can understand them. Do you want an excellent lawyer—on who understands you, one you can understand? Then you want a Jones Obenchain lawyer.

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